Poet/Rapper/Astral Traveler

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Poet/Rapper/Astral Traveler

His interests go from galaxies to the smallest particles that are known to exist. Shoyu loves to share his view with his fellow humans. He loves it even more to observe how we (including him self) move and groove through this world. In his eyes Planet Earth is the most beautiful planet ever, which is still blessed by its Sun. In his artistry there’s cross-pollination between writing and painting. The message is honest and straight from the most pure and highest source he’s able to connect with. He pulls from life's experiences. This in turn allows him access to other dimensions. Life's journeys connect us with one another.

His intentsions are to inspire, explore and express. It's all about the heart, senses and an open mind.

Nothing is impossible.

Be united by thought. Spread love. Inspire. Smile. Stay in contact with nature and the universe. The lyrics are the souls of the songs. The music is strongly beat related ; as the heart beats in us all.



- EP "The Rise of the Fifth" is available in all Digital Stores -

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Finn Folkher Huijsman

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